Bellecrest Boston Terriers

Understanding The Boston Terrier Standard

Mr & Mrs Micheal Staley
The BTCA National Specialty 2009

 According to the respectable boston breeder, Mr. Michael Staley of Staley Boston Terrier, the standard of the Boston Terrier  has been revised several times in the last hundred years, always with the intention of clarifying the interpretation for exhibitor, breeders and judges by drawing a picture in our mind of that ideal or perfect specimen of the breed.

 There has been some disagreement among the breeders about whether too much emphasis has been put on the head of the Boston Terrier, but this is  a breed that has always placed great emphasis upon the head. We know that a Boston Terrier needs much more than just the  correct head, but without the correct head we cannot have a true representative of the breed. Again, this is not to say that a good head is all that a Boston Terrier needs. To the contrary, although the correct head is an absolute necessity, a true specimen must adhere  to  the entire standard.

Judging The Boston Terrier

by Mr. Carl E. Gomes


1) Square head, with short, deep, wide muzzle, free of wrinkles.

2) Large, round, dark eyes, set square in the skull.

3) Small ears, carried erect and situated close to the corners of the skull.

4) Alert, determined, lively and intelligent expression.

5) Level topline, with no evidence of roach or sway.

6) Ramrod straight front legs, with ample bone.

7) Well balanced and proportioned.

8) Short, strong pasterns, with small, compact(cat) feet.

9) Front Legs, moderately wide apart, perpendicular from shoulder blades.

10) Slightly arched neck, fitting gracefully into the shoulders.

11) Good depth of chest, with well-aprung ribs.

12) Well bent stifles.

13) Required Markings.

(L) Required Markings      (R) Desired Markings

14) Straight gaited, with good, fluid, rhythm.

                                                                 CH Weywood's Cha-Ching

 In judging the Boston Terrier, please note that 35 points are alloted for head and expression. A dog with a downright ugly and incorrect head but a food body, deserves little or nothing. The correct, square head dog, with a beautiful expression should take precedence at every turn.

 The pictures and articles are reproduced with given permission from Mr. M. Staley, Mr. C. Gomes and Ms Gwenn Weyandt(Weywood Boston Terriers). Thank you all for your kindness and support.

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