Bellecrest Boston Terriers

Iggy(Gone but never forgotten)


1999.5.28 - 2009.8.26(11:00PM)

JAHD Reg. # BOST0600001
Patella Luxation (R) Normal (L) Grade1
Elbow Dysplasia Normal
Hip Dysplasia (R)2& (L)4, in total of 6

 Iggy was our first Boston Terrier. She was our beloved pet. She weighted around 17 lbs and was not up to the standard, but her nature was a true Boston Terrier. She was very smart(she understood human language very well - Japanese & even little English!! LOL), loving, and full of life. She loved to play with a ball and to take a bath. Actually she didn't mind taking a bath EVERYDAY!

 When she was a puppy, she suffered from Demodectic Mange that took her almost eight months to complete her therapy. I still remember the hard days Iggy and we had to go through to cure the mange. One day it was gone, but next day it was back again. It happened over and over again until right before her first birthday. We finally triumphed to the mange by oral interferon. This experience with her led me to concern about the Canine health and the importance of it.

 On the night of Aug. 26th, at 10:00PM, she started having an acute convulsive seizure. She never had any seizures until after she had turned 10 years old. At first, we thought it would settle soon, but it didn't...we run to the emergency clinic, but by the time we arrived, she was was really such a sudden departure that we could never have expected to happen...and we had a hard time accepting it. We all miss you, Iggy...always...but believing we can meet again at the rainbow bridge someday...WE LOVE YOU, Iggy.

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