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Origin & Early History of Boston Terrier

 The Boston Terrier is one of a few breeds that have been originated in the United States. The breed was developed and refined in Boston (also known as Bean Town), Massachusetts. It was made up of crosses between the Bull Terrier, the Bulldog and now extinct,  the early White English Terrier. (The White English Terrier was last seen being shown in the early 1900's and breeding stopped because of  genetic defects, mainly deafness. Many of our early Boston Terriers inherited the deafness from this ancestor, but deafness has largely been bred out.) Additionally, crosses were made to the French Bulldog in the early years.

 One of the notable dogs to the development of the breed was  Hooper's Judge  owned by William O. Brien. He was imported from England by Robert C. Hooper in 1865, then, acquired by William O. Brien. Judge was  a dog with white blaze and throat, cropped ears, a nearly level bite, and a screw tail, weighing about 30 pounds He was more the bulldog than the terrier in type. Below is the table of Judge's genealogy that became the main line of descent in the very beginning.

 Barnard's Tom was referred to as  the first genuine Boston Terrier  and  the true founder of the breed.
His owner, John P. Barnard was considered as the Father of the Boston Terrier.


The Boston Terrier in the United States

1865  Hooper's Judge was imported from England by Robert C. Hooper. He was known as a bull & terrier.The breed was entered in the classes for Bull Terriers at the New England dog show held in Boston.

1888  Boston provided a class called Round-headed Bull Terriers, any color, judged by John Barnard.

1889  The Bull Terrier Club of America was founded in Boston.

1891  The formal application for the membership of the AKC was denied because the breed was insufficiently well established, and the new dog was not typical of a bull terrier. The club changed its name from The Bull Terrier Club of America to The Boston Terrier Club of America since the breed had been developed in Boston.

1893 Feb. 27  The breed was accepted by the AKC as the Boston Terrier.

1900  A new Standard for the Boston Terrier was written.

1914 The Standard was revised and adopted.

1985  The BTCA held its first specialty show outside of Massachusetts and since then the national show has floated around country.

History goes on....

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