Bellecrest Boston Terriers


 Just like all other purebred dogs, our beloved Boston Terriers also have health issues that are inherited in the breed. Most prominent issues seen in Boston Terriers are DeafnessJuvenile(also late-onset) cataracts, and Luxating patella. Please take a moment to learn what health issues Boston Terriers may have on the web page of the Boston Terrier Club of America's  Health Links.

 The best way to avoid these issues are TESTINGS. We all know that testing cannot give us 100% gurantee for not getting any affected puppies or developing other hidden issues, but as reputable breeders, we are striving for the best health possible as well as temperament and conformation. So we test all our breeding stocks for these issues in hope to reduce the risk of getting affected puppies and to increase the chance for producing sound, healthy puppies. Testing also offers us valuable information about our breeding stocks.

 Knowing TRUTH is really important to make the right decision on what we do next.

 Here are useful testings for each issues.

Deafness BAER(Brain Auditory Evoked Response) Test
Once in a lifetime
Genetic Eye Disease CERF(Canine Eye Registration Foundation) Test
Every year
Juvenile cataracts JC(Juvenile Cataract) DNA Test
Once in a lifetime
Luxating Patella OFA(Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)Knee Test
Once every two years

 We also believe that it is important to share our test results with each other in order to improve the soundness of our breed. Unfortunately some reputable breeders test their dogs but do not submit the results to OFA. The OFA database contains full of valuable information on dogs of your interest, not only for us but also for the prospect pet owners who are seeking for a sound, healthy puppy. So it is my wish that every breeder to submit all the results(both good and bad) to OFA for the betterment of our beloved Bostons

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